Splendidula are a Belgian metal band who lean heavily on doomy, sludgy riffs and a lurching heaviness. Their monstrous sound is elevated by the vocals of Kristien Cools. Her voice ranges from almost alt-metal-sounding sinister cleans to avant-garde wailing.

Guitarist Pieter Houbenโ€™s vocals stun, with explosive roars that match the ferocity of the quicksand-thick riffs, that then become passionate clean vocals that pair brilliantly with Coolsโ€™.

The variety in these compositions is insane. Chuggy guitars, wild solos, synths, and electronic beats are all accounted for and used masterfully.

Earlier this year, Splendidula released their third album, โ€˜Somnusโ€™, and it is a showcase of the variety and talent this band has. Across six tracks, the band demonstrates fantastic musicianship and songwriting with varied styles and instrumentation.

Splendidula are a relatively young band, but incredibly exciting and certainly one to watch because, whatever they do next, itโ€™ll be unique.