Bursting onto the scene, seemingly out of nowhere, Traveler are an incredible throwback to the earliest era of metal when the likes of Maiden and Priest reigned supreme.

To push through all the noise with an old school sound like this and still get noticed takes genuine talent and the ability to still sound fresh. Traveler have no issues there. Their take on heavy metal proper is undeniable – itโ€™s fast, has kick ass riffs, and powerhouse vocals from Jean-Pierre Abboud.

Within just a few years, Traveler have already garnered plenty of positive attention, releasing two albums back to back (in 2019 and 2020) which both received considerable (well deserved) praise from fans and critics alike.

There is a beautiful element of timelessness with metal. A lot of other big genres have various sub genres that reach a peak and then fade away with changing tastes and interests. With metal, however, it feels like every new sound that comes along is simply added to the pile – an expansive and wildly varied pile. And no matter what the subgenre, there will always be an appetite for it if done sincerely and well.

Traveler are a testament to this – what they do is a celebration of the past but it is still as modern as anything else today – and it just kicks fucking ass.