In 2010, Behemoth ringleader Nergal was diagnosed with leukaemia. Stalling the upward trajectory of the band. At the time, it had been reported that the diagnosis was so grim that chemotherapy would be ineffective.

Jump forward to 2014 and Behemoth release their triumphant return – Nergalโ€™s magnum opus – The Satanist. For my money, The Satanist, is a perfect album. A modern classic. Nergal had fought back and now Behemoth had returned in gloriously blasphemous fashion.

While Behemothโ€™s sound had started out as a straight raw black metal one – clearly inspired by the bands Nergal looked up to – over time it has evolved. What once emulated the low fi production of the 90s black metal scene was now highly polished, lushly produced grand blackened death metal.

Both The Satanist and its follow up, I Loved You At Your Darkest, are incredible productions – truly masterful records, featuring powerful, deep writing, performances and imagery.

Behemoth are on a path to becoming one of the biggest extreme metal bands on the planet, if theyโ€™re not already, and the fact it could have all gone so wrong a decade ago gives further cause to celebrate this amazing band.