Myrkur first burst onto the black metal scene an enigma – an enrapturing and mysterious atmospheric black metal artist with an incredible voice and Nordic folk influences. In time, the world learned that Myrkur was, in fact, the creation of Danish pop singer Amalie Bruun,

Myrkurโ€™s music has grown and matured over the past few years, adeptly blending the extremes of black metal with the gentle melodies of folk music.

I discovered Myrkur via the debut full length, โ€˜Mโ€™, and immediately fell in love with every track on the album. I could not stop listening to it. I actually became so obsessed with that album that I got a small Myrkur symbol tattoo…

Myrkurโ€™s sophomore album, though, was a game changer. โ€˜Mareridtโ€™ is one of a handful of albums I would consider a perfect album. Utterly, completely, flawless from start to finish. The black metal elements are intense and bold, yet the album expands upon the folk influences so wonderfully. This is an album that can give you chill-inducing tremolo picking and screaming but also beautiful soft vocals and piano in the same song – and yet it doesnโ€™t sound disjointed.

The following year, the single song โ€˜Juniperโ€™ was released, and again, Myrkur blew me away. That song is, quite literally, one of my favourite songs of all time.

For her latest album, Bruun took a step back from the black metal, leaning heavily into the Nordic folk that had been an important part of her sound thus far. What resulted is โ€˜Folkesangeโ€™, an entire album of folk music, released right at a time where that was exactly what I needed (and didnโ€™t entirely realise it yet).

โ€˜Folkesangeโ€™, an undeniably beautiful and moving album, is just the latest evidence that Myrkur can do no wrong, and is absolutely one of my most favourite bands on Earth.

I watched a live stream last weekend that was simply Bruun and a piano playing stripped back versions of the songs I love so dearly – and hearing them in this new way just made me love them even more. I canโ€™t wait to tune into the second stream this weekend to enjoy a โ€˜Folkesangeโ€™ performance.