Ashanti Mutinta is a Canada-based rapper whose music is a mix of black metal influenced trap metal and industrial metal. Itโ€™s a combination that the purists would balk at, but innovation is exciting and this genuinely excites me.

What started out as more straightforward horrorcore has grown heavier and more abrasive with subsequent releases.

The latest single from Backxwash, the caustic โ€˜I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSESโ€™ is a sensation. Powerful bars are interrupted by a black metal screeched chorus, all backed by pummelling distorted beats.

BACKXWASH is part of a new movement. It may not be for everyone, and those set in their ways will roll their eyes, but for those open to new and exciting things, those who embrace the new shit, this is fucking exciting.