137: (HED) PE

With a fusion of genres ranging from rap rock, to reggae, to nu metal, to punk, to ska and beyond, (hed) P.E. offer an exciting and eclectic sound, with every new album being an unpredictable adventure. With (hed) P.E. you can be thrust headfirst into a heavy-as-Hell riff-driven rap rock song, or punky wild rhythms, and then a funky bass and reggae influenced vocals.

While the band has seen a rotating roster over the past 25+ years, the central figure as always been Jared Gomes, aka M.C.U.D. Gomes’ vocal style is as varied as the music itself, delivering rapping, metal snarls and shouts, and melodic cleans.

Importantly, across a dozen studio albums, the quality has been consistent. While the sounds evolve and shift from album to album, they all sound undeniably like (hed) P.E. and year after year deliver quality hooks and catchy choruses.