Nekrogoblikon, first and foremost, are a fantastic melodic death metal band. Melodeath doesn’t feel like quite the right label, but it’ll have to do for today.

Their songs are heavy, catchy, ridiculous, and written with tongue firmly in cheek. The vocals range from raspy black metal style, to death metal growls to cleans that would out an 80s power metal band to shame – and I mean that in the best possible way.

Synths and keys are also utilised to great effect, adding to the fantastically unique sound of Nekrogoblikon.

And we haven’t even touched on their hype man yet.

Because, yes, Nekrogoblikon has a hype man, and that hype man is a fucking goblin.

John Goblikon is a goblin and talented hype man who joins the band in their adventures and acts as a mascot for the band. This isn’t some fictional/cartoon character, by the way. This is an actual goblin. If you see Nekrogoblikon live, you will see John in the (green) flesh.

Overall, a Nekrogoblikon are guaranteed to offer four things: insanely catchy death metal, over the top humour, a solid variety of sounds and styles, and a fucking goblin,