Imperial Triumphant are a perfect example of a band that have continued to push boundaries, becoming increasingly experimental over time.

These days, they sit squarely at the intersection of some fusion of tech death and black metal and… avant-garde jazz?

Clanging guitars crash across calculated beats and wild basslines, while deep growling vocals push through the confusion. Itโ€™s chaotic, but incredibly deliberate. Itโ€™s relentless but enchanting, drawing you in with everything from trombones and pianos to airport terminal ambience.

This jazz element ties into the bands aesthetic to – with very 1920s NYC, Art Deco visual elements throughout. The band themselves also dress in black robes and terrifying expressionless yet distinct golden masks.

Imperial Triumphantโ€™s combination of Art Deco visual styles and themes with a unique and unpredictable mix of experimental death metal and jazz fusion doesnโ€™t just set them aside from their peers – it leaves them without any.