Takafumi Matsubara is a prolific Japanese grindcore/technical guitarist who has, with multiple bands, produced multiple albums of chaotic, confronting, extreme music.

You might think this solo project would be something he would then utilise for more subdued, introspective compositions. No. This is as frenzied and explosive as ever.

Matsubaraโ€™s style is fully flexed here – thereโ€™s traditional grindcore elements, but also far more innovative sounds and styles are found throughout. Heavy metal riffs, funky slap bass, 80s style guitar solos, and even rapping are all used to amazing effect.

The short, sharp track runtimes (a mainstay of the genre) plus the extremely inventive and varied experimentation woven throughout, keeps Takafumi Matsubaraโ€™s music thrilling and captivating from start to finish.