ID3 is a format for metadata in mp3 files, basically a string of numbers that translate into info such as artist, album, year etc. Thereโ€™s also a number that signifies a specific genre (eg. 16 is reggae, 32 is classical, and so on).

But 108? That just means Primus.

All of this is just to say that Primus are such a unique beast that the numbering system for mp3 genres has a number just for Primus. No other band is afforded this honour.

You could label them as something alternative, maybe funky, but Primus are just Primus.

Primus are a three-piece, with a guitarist and drummer, but the central element is always going to be ringmaster Les Claypool and his bass. Colonel Claypoolโ€™s unique and elaborate playing style places the bass in a far more musical role than is traditional, and itโ€™s an iconic element of the Primus sound.

That unique and innovative Primus sound gained them a huge following in the 90s alt metal scene, and theyโ€™ve toured alongside many big names. Yet Primus have always kept their iconic style. For over 35 years theyโ€™ve stayed true to themselves, and nobody else has dared try and emulate them.

Because you just canโ€™t be a Primus clone without a Colonel Claypool.