Sore Dream is the result of two members of Full of Hell, one of the most chaotic bands on the planet, willingly creating something even more chaotic.

Dylan Walker and Spencer Hazard, with Sore Dream, create a relentless, psychosis-inducing mire of noise for the listener to simply drown in. There’s no point fighting it, once you hit play you’re gone.

It’s a difficult exercise to review or recommend experimental noise like this. Where do you begin? It’s fascinating, weirdly enthralling, and yet deeply unsettling.

There’s a lot to unpack on any given Sore Dream track. They’re multilayered riddle boxes of sonic textures and unidentifiable samples. It’s hard to gleam rhythm or melody from them, but that’s not what you’re here for.

Sore Dream is a bizarre, noisey, aural adventure that will leave you confounded, amused, and will scratch a very specific itch, if you’re so inclined.