A powerful and uniquely political voice in the 90s alt rock landscape, and one of the biggest reunions this side of Led Zep, Rage Against The Machine are (as cliched as it sounds) a band that defined a generation.

In the early nineties, RATM pioneered a funk-heavy, hip-hop infused style of alternative metal that would send countless shockwaves through generations of bands to follow.

To this day, guitarist Tom Morelloโ€™s playing style is unique and without comparison. Morello utilises effects peddles and unusual playing styles to emulate turntable-like scratches and other inorganic sounds.

Zack de la Rochaโ€™s vocal delivery is also immediately identifiable – and aggressively performed rap, with heavily political lyrics.

By the turn of the century, RATM were 4 albums deep and bigger than ever, unfortunately ZDR chose to part ways with the band, signalling the end of their first chapter.

Rage Against The Machine made their triumphant return in 2007 with a run of festivals and live shows around the world. Agile there were rumours of new material, they never amounted to anything. After four years, the band went back into hibernation.

But now, when it seemed the world needed them most, Rage Against The Machine have returned. While not the victorious return weโ€™d all hoped for, thanks to a global pandemic, RATM have plans to perform and the world is waiting.

Rage Against The Machine are pioneers and revolutionaries. While their sound is oft-emulated, their principles are unrivalled.