Author’s Note: We all know why Demons & Wizards is not a thing anymore. It is a shitty situation but today I just want to talk about the music itself.

Demons & Wizards is a collaborative effort from two power metal titans – Blind Guardian vocalist, Hansi Kürsch, and Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer. This pedigree saw an incredible amount of anticipation surrounding the project, and fortunately this hope was not misguided.

Schaffer brings his ‘A’ game, and Demons & Wizards’ music is everything people hoped it would be – enormous, glorious power metal epics with touches of thrash, symphonic metal, and folk sprinkled throughout.

Plenty has already been written about the vocal talent of Hansi Kürsch and his work with Blind Guardian, but it’s important to note he doesn’t put all his energy into his main band and just phone in his D&W performance. Kürsch is absolutely on fire here, and his powerful and iconic voice lifts Demons & Wizards to something truly special.

After releasing a well-received debut in 1999 it was six long years before a sophomore release was produced. Last year, 15 years since their second album, Demons & Wizards released their third (and final) album, ‘III’, to huge attention and excitement.

Demons & Wizards is everything amazing about the power metal genre, all the fun and enthusiasm, performed at the absolute highest level.