119: LORDI

Another day, another Finnish band worth talking about. But this isn’t just any band.

This is Lordi. And these fuckers won Eurovision.

Lordi are a shock rock act from Rovaniemi, Finland, who perform as a grotesque squad of costumed monstrosities, led by the eponymous Mr Lordi.

Across nearly thirty years, Lordi have released ten albums of tongue-in-cheek horror anthems with such brilliant lyrics as “the Devil is a loser, and he’s my bitch” and “shake the baby silent”.

The songs, while ghoulish, are undeniably catchy and memorable. Big arena-rattling riffs rock throughout with spooky synths and Mr Lordi’s instantly recognisable devilish growls.

And, yes, in a turn of events that still seems surreal fifteen years later, Lordi became the first (and thus far only) Finnish band to win Eurovision. They were also, obviously, the first rock/metal oriented band to win.

Because only Finland would be bold enough to send Mr Lordi and his squad to Eurovision. And history favours the bold, it seems.