Two of my favourite genres are black metal and traditional metal – relatively disparate styles without too much immediate overlap. Somehow, though, Obsequiae manage to create very late-80s/early-90s European-influences traditional heavy metal… but then make it blacker. The result is a fantastic hybrid sound with all the powerful riffs and headbanging of trad metal, and the edge and bite of black metal.

Call it blackened trad, or melodic black metal, or just heavy fucking metal – all that matters is that it’s good. And Obsequiae isn’t just good, it’s amazing.

The guitars are nothing short of beautiful, from intoxicating riffs to ethereal melodies, simultaneously sounding like a glorious throwback as well as something new and incredibly exciting. The vocals are perhaps the most ‘black metal’ element here, with Tanner Anderson’s growls giving the music that edge which really lifts Obsequiae up to something unique and special.

Another incredible addition is the use of a medieval harp. Short passages really highlight this, and match perfectly with the images of medieval ruins that adorn both of their album covers.

Obsequiae’s music is a truly beautiful mix of traditional metal, black metal, and medieval influences. The result is stunning, moving, heavy metal that I would gladly recommend to all manner of metal head.