In the 1980s, San Francisco was ground zero for an exciting new movement within the still-finding-itself heavy metal genre. This Bay Area Thrash scene would help define metal for a generation and spawn of the biggest bands the genre had ever (or will ever) see.

However, across the Atlantic in Germany, something just as exciting was happening. A new scene was forming their with its own style and inspirations – Teutonic Thrash Metal.

Kreator were one for the biggest bands to come from this scene, and their talent and ability to grow and evolve the sound has led them to see success for nearly forty years and counting.

Kreator were always the most melodic among their peers but their sound has shifted from Venom-inspired speed metal, to thrash, and even elements of industrial, and gothic metal.

Modern Kreator is an incredibly enjoyable, fast paced yet melodic take on thrash metal. It makes for fun, headbangers of tracks that would be perfect for a rowdy festival crowd.

Kreator’s sound may have shifted a few times over the years, but what has been consistent is the musicianship. This is thrashy, European metal that walks a fine line between sounding classic and blazing a fresh new path of heavy metal.