The purpose of this project was always noble in intent – putting a spotlight on artists who push their genre forward and are true artists in the sense of the word, demonstrating a… y’know what? Fuck it, we’re doing Limp Bizkit.

I don’t give a fuck if it’s not cool to fuck with Limp Bizkit – I remember when they were one of the biggest bands on the planet. It was the peak of the nu-metal craze, which was my generation. All the bravado and bombast, all the posturing and insanity, Limp Bizkit were at the dead centre.

When nu metal came to a inglorious end – something you could probably pin on the events of Woodstock ‘99 if pushed – it became en vogue to hate Limp Bizkit. Nu metal was outdated and newer, hipper shit has come along. And nothing personified everything wrong with nu metal more than Fred Durst et al.

But no matter how far my tastes in music progress and evolve, nu metal is where I came from and I still love it. Limp Bizkit are still one of the most fun and wild live shows I have ever seen. Fuck the haters.

Limp Bizkit’s effortless combination of Fred’s crooning with unbelievably chunky guitars from Wes, as well as a funky rhythm section courtesy of John Otto and Sam Rivers gave their music such unique character. DJ Lethal’s turntable scratching only strengthened that immediately recognisable sound.

And let’s face it, Wes is just fucking cool.