Belzebubs are a very real band formed in Finland in 2002. They are hugely successful black metallers who also are the stars of a popular comic series.

Now, look, you could suggest Belzebubs are a fictional band, and you could suggest they therefore have no place here…. except the fuckers released an album and it is fucking awesome.

In 2018, Belzebubs breached the cosmic rift of reality, becoming a bonafide, proper, album recording entity. Pantheon of the Nightside Gods, according the the bandโ€™s lore, is just the latest album from the prolific band – however it is the first Belzebubs album to exist in our reality. An album you or I can walk into a record store and purchase.

So, now that they seemingly walk among us, what do Belzebubs sound like? Well, it was worth the wait. This is some of the most gloriously evil blackened death metal I have ever heard. Itโ€™s polished, triumphant, and diabolically sinister.

One might wonder who really is behind the black silk veil, writing/performing these gargantuan wicked tracks. They may even think they recognise elements here that remind them of various well-known musicians.

I, for one, choose to live in a world of magic – the blood-spilling, goat-killing kind – and believe Hubbath, Obesyx, Sloth, and Samaรซl really have made their way into our world, and Belzebubs are the real fucking deal.