Franck Hueso is a French synthwave artist best known by his stage name – Carpenter Brut. As Carpenter Brut, Hueso creates music that exists somewhere in the ether between 80s movies soundtrack and a rock/metal mentality.

The synth beats and funky keys are unmistakable, conjuring up images of a blurry, flickering VCR, and some cheesy 80s movieโ€™s opening credits.

But itโ€™s not quite that. Hueso imbues the decidedly 80s musical influence with a rock song vibe, utilising a more modern day, real song structure and approach. Occasional tracks even include vocals, including a memorable appearance from Kristoffer Rygg, the mastermind behind Ulver.

Synthwave has always seemed to hold some attraction for rock and metal fans, as theirs a definite, if hard to discern, connection there. Carpenter Brut capitalises on that connection and the results are… well, itโ€™s just fucking cool.