It may seem strange to choose to write about a band that I’ve only heard one song from and, as of writing this, that was only 20 minutes ago. However, with ABAD, I’ve rarely preplanned what band I would write about. It’s always been a matter of ‘see how I feel’, and right now all I want to write about is Bodom After Midnight.

When Children of Bodom went their separate ways, Alexi Laiho promised we hadn’t seen the last of him. As it turns out, what he was cooking up was Bodom After Midnight, a continuation of his work with COB.

A handful of live performances (before COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill) were incredibly well received, and teases of studio time were promising.

Of course, without dwelling on it, we know it Bodom After Midnight were bright-burning but short-lived.

As we all wondered what would’ve been, work was being completed on the few BAM tracks Alexi had recorded last year.

On April 23, Bodom After Midnight will release those final songs as an EP, and the world will finally hear what was meant to be.

Now, why am I writing about this now, a month earlier? Because tonight we got the first taste, the track is Paint the Sky with Blood was released and the verdict, for me at least, was holy shit this is a fantastic fucking song and feels like peak COB.

I had never planned to write separately about Bodom After Midnight. Yesterday’s COB was, I thought, enough of a statement, while the impending EP release was on my mind. But, I feel so bittersweet after hearing this track. It utterly kicks fucking ass but there’s a sorrow there.

What an amazing parting gift to leave us with. I can’t wait for the EP on April 23.

Rest In Peace, Alexi.