If you hear the term Viking Metal you might think Amon Amarth, and youโ€™d be mistaken, but itโ€™s a reasonable error.

Amon Amarth are melodic death metal that leans heavily on Viking themes and imagery, but true Viking metal is something much deeper than that.

True Viking metal is primarily black metal at its core, with the same Viking themes and imagery, plus heavy influence from Nordic folk, and a slower overall pace than its traditional black metal cousins.

A fantastic example of true Viking metal is the mighty Einherjer of Norway. Their sound has run the gamut from symphonic black through to strong folk influence, but theyโ€™ve always served as a powerful example of Viking metal.

Itโ€™s heavy, thunderous, and filled with solid riffs and eyebrow raising solos. At times it can almost sound like some sort of blackened trad metal, and thereโ€™s definitely something in this sound for fans of more traditional heavy metal.

Frode Glesnesโ€™ vocals also set Einherjer aside from its black metal cousins. His commanding snarls are a far cry from what most listeners would expect and propel the songs forward triumphantly.

Einherjer are true Viking metal – powerful riffs, commanding vocals, and the DNA of the old guard of heavy metal, albeit a little darker.