Itโ€™s been not an entirely new concept, the idea of subverting expectations by slipping an evil or even satanic message and themes where you wouldnโ€™t expect it. Ghost have been selling out arenas with devilish stadium rock for years now. But what if you were presented with a concept as brazen as satanic doo-wop? What would that even sound like?

Well, it turns out it sounds a hell of a lot like genuine, old-fashioned doo-wop… as long as you donโ€™t pay too close attention.

Twin Temple are exactly what it says on the box – satanic doo-wop. Masterfully written and performed, just like your grandparents danced too, but with lyrics like …

I remember

The starry night we met

His hair black as jet

He wore a sigil of Baphomet

Alexandra Jamesโ€™ voice feels like it is straight from the 50s, making the stark contrast of voice and message all the more unsettling, yet entrancing.

The imagery is scandalous, the lyrics blasphemous, yet the music is as sincere and genuine as its predecessors. Whether you can submit or not, itโ€™s a Hell of a good time.