Ulcerate are a technical death metal band from New Zealand that have some of the most monstrous, chill-inducing riffs I’ve ever heard in the genre. Their songs are complex, progressive, and colossal works of metal.

On their most recent album, ‘Stare Into Death and Be Still’, Ulcerate’s production and writing is absolutely top tier. This is some of the most atmospheric death metal being produced today, as well as making use of time signature changes and other complex writing elements that further emphasis the technical aspect of tech death.

Paul Kelland’s vocals are powerful and commanding, never once relenting as the music around him, dissonant and overwhelming, smothers the listener.

Meanwhile, Jamie Saint Merat’s work behind the drum kit is a revelation. The precision in his work helps maintain momentum as the thunderous guitar and bass work pushes forward like an encroaching storm.

With leviathan riffs, surgical drumming, and masterfully monstrous vocals, Ulcerate are in a league of their own. This is technical death metal on a whole level, with incredible atmosphere and complex songwriting that makes for an amazing listening experience.