What Maldoror is could be open for interpretation. Is it a band? Well one would hope so, as I’m using it for a post here.

Or is it the name of an album? A collaboration between Mike Patton and experimental noise artist Masami Akita, otherwise known as Merzbow.

If you’re familiar with Merzbow and/or Mike Patton’s more… outlandish… solo efforts, you kinda sorta maybe know exactly what Maldoror is.

Maldoror was born when Patton, in Australia during a break in a Faith No More tour, reached out to Akita. Some improvised collaborative performances and one Tokyo recording session later, and this strange album was the result.

Maldoror is a bizarre auditory collage of howls, grunts, whistles, buzzes, and a plethora of other unidentifiable noises. It’s not music. It’s noise. It functions only to confound and concern. But there’s no denying it does that well.