The progressive, alternative rock sort of sound Dead Letter Circus produce could, on paper, be an uninspiring, done-to-death, as attempted by many bands prior, but thereโ€™s no denying DLC are incredibly talented songwriters. What could be formulaic and unoriginal is far from it.

And, as if this brilliantly performed progressive alt rock mix isnโ€™t exciting enough, the band goes a step further by incorporating electronic elements. These elements are woven through, subtly at times, and other times as a focal point of the compositions, and every time it works as an amazing addition to the music.

This is beautiful, uplifting, cleverly structured rock. The songs shift smoothly from one complex yet melodic passage to the next, and Kim Benzieโ€™s moving vocal delivery ties the whole composition together.

As an Australian, Iโ€™m always proud to recommend Dead Letter Circus to someone whose taste aligns with what they do – because for someone seeking catchy, well- written, complex alternative rock, Dead Letter Circus are a revelation.