I was very late to the party on Necrophobic. By the time the Swedish blackened death metal band came to my attention, with 2018’s ‘Mark of the Necrogram’, they’d already released seven prior full lengths and been active just shy of thirty years.

I’m glad I came across that album though, because the main takeaway from it was Necrophobic are fucking fantastic.

By the time they released their follow up album, 2020’s ‘Dawn of the Damned’, I was ready and waiting – and it did not disappoint.

Necrophobic’s take on the tried and true hybrid genre of blackened death is by far one of the strongest contenders in the crowded scene. This is stunningly composed and performed metal, with a workhorse of a rhythm section, utterly diabolical guitar work, and vicious vocals courtesy of Anders Strokirk.

Necrophobic really are one of the bands to beat when it comes to blackened death metal. The best elements of the influential genres are all on display here, combined into powerful, tremendously appealing, headbangers of tracks.