Health have been described as everything from noise rock, to synth punk, to post-rock. What they are is something very unique and, well, really fucking cool.

This is retro futuristic music. Itโ€™s calming and progressive, like some future worldโ€™s version of pop music, yet synth-powered and snappy like some unimaginable alternative 80s hit.

And that calmness, and comforting melody is what Health so enthralling. Itโ€™s like noise rock that isnโ€™t noisy. The vocals are warm ethereal and the instrumentals never leave the listener feeling attacked.

This is the sonic equivalent of floating on your back in an endless black ocean, gazing up at a star filled sky, and floating wherever the near imperceptible current takes you.

Health are the best parts of synthwave, mixed with a shoegaze/noise rock forward momentum, making for something strange and new, yet oddly comforting.