A sludgy, hypnotic riff steadily rocks you into a gentle head-bang, before the whole bands explodes into a monstrous composition, and galloping riffs and powerful drums drown the listener as a dual attack vocal approach guide us out of the swamp. This is Kylesa – Deep South sludge metal with a groove.

Whatโ€™s surprising, for a band known for being so thunderous, is those gentler moments. Here, Kylesa demonstrate theyโ€™re capable of something approaching beauty. But then itโ€™s lurching from these gentler moments to the all-out sludge assault. And thatโ€™s where Kylesa truly shine.

Then, vocalists Laura Pleasants and Phillip Cope exchange passages, completing this incredible picture. Shifting from dreamy hymns to bellowed shouts, with both playing off the other and each fitting perfectly with the monstrous instrumentals backing them.

I was fortunate enough to see Kylesa just twice. Both times I remember vividly as something special. Sadly, after 15 years, Kylesa went on an indefinite hiatus/break/went back to their home planet. That was five years ago.

I hope to see this amazing band again some day, but until then Iโ€™ll have some truly brilliant albums to keep coming back to.