064: THE HU

Folk metal primarily takes on traditional sounds and cultural influences to build its sound, mostly from Northern Europe. But sometimes a band will come along that bring influence, tradition, and instruments from an entirely different part of the world, giving the music a refreshing new character.

The Hu utilise traditional Mongolian instrumentation and throat singing to create what they have dubbed “hunnu rock”, inspired by ancient mongol empires and their history.

The music, while heavily featuring the aforementioned traditional instruments, is built on a skeleton of very solid folk/heavy metal. It’s catchy, exciting, and just plain fun.

This strong foundation is really what makes The Hu shine. It’s because of these metal composition that the Mongolian element doesn’t come off as little more than a gimmick.

The Hu’s efforts to combine their heritage and the musical traditions of the land with traditional heavy metal songwriting makes for a fantastic and refreshing listening experience.