The first time I heard Midnight it was presented to me as โ€œBlack โ€˜n Rollโ€. I wondered, โ€œWhat the fuck is black โ€˜n roll?โ€. Then I heard Midnight and it suddenly became crystal clear.

Midnightโ€™s music could also be described as blackened speed metal, or perhaps blackened thrash. Whatever you label it, one thing is clear – this is a bastardisation of the old school metal sounds, and in the best fucking way.

This is the sound from an alternate reality where metal bands created black metal about 10 to 15 years earlier. Itโ€™s fast, thrashy, full of riffs… and just fucking nasty.

With Midnight, multi-instrumentalist Athenar taps into that rebellious, fist-bumping sound of an era when metal finally started coming into its own, and infuses is with a sex-fueled, cloven-hoofed, fiery nastiness that oozes rock and roll in an age where such bravado is in short supply.

I mean, they have a song called โ€œFucking Speed and Darknessโ€. This band is exactly as it says on the label.