059: MGŁA

Mgła are one of my favourite black metal bands, and probably one of the most melodic bands in the genre. This slightly more accessible take on the genre makes for a fantastic entry point to a notoriously impenetrable genre.

The most noteworthy thing about Mgła though, is the fact this music is in no way dumbed down. It is still sensational, sinister back metal, and the critical reaction to their output further confirms their talent.

This is hypnotic, lurching black metal, but with an inexplicable groove to it. The guitars have a hook, the snarled vocals encourage the listener to raise a horned fist, and the whole composition is simply as addictive as black metal can be.

There’s a reason critics and fans applaud Mgła, and it’s the same reason their sound is oft-replicated (or at least relied on heavily forested influence) – they’re doing their own thing, and that thing is fucking incredible. It’s powerful, and confronting, yet not completely alienating, which makes for a great introduction to the genre for the curious and willing.