Another black metal band today, because I guess thatโ€™s just where we are at. In fact, like yesterday, this is another younger black metal band putting out some fantastically refreshing, frosty goodness.

Imha Tarikat came to my attention due to the hype surrounding their impending sophomore album, Sternenberster. The reason for all this hype was immediately obvious on first listen – this is a fucking incredible band.

Soaring , sinister soundscapes carry fiery, shouted vocals – far more confronting and powerful than the raspy, classic black vocals one would perhaps expect after facing the onslaught of blast beats and tremolo picking.

With Imha Tarikat, the production is lush, and the music is as warm and inviting as can be possible in the genre. This is triumphant modern black metal you can get lost in – and you would welcome it.