Alien Weaponry are a New Zealand thrash metal band who incorporate Maori language and culture into their music. They were also only teenagers when they released their debut album (and had developed an underground following well before then).

Yet, somehow, with all these elements that could make for a good headline/gimmick, Alien Weaponry’s success (which has seen them tour the world, sharing the stage with huge bands many years their senior) can be attributed to one main point – the music is damn good.

Somehow, some teenagers hidden away down in NZ have written some of the tightest thrash/groove metal I’ve heard in recent years. And based on the response to their album, I’m clearly not alone.

The incorporation of Māori language, and even covering parts of Māori history, makes for a fantastic refreshing listen, too. But, again, this no gimmick. The music stand strongly on its own merit regardless.

Alien Weaponry honour their Māori heritage through language and putting a spotlight on the history of their people and country. In doing this, they further strengthen and build upon an already incredible talent for songwriting that puts them among some of the best new metal bands of the last decade. And to think, they’ve earned this (well deserved) attention before they were even old enough to vote.