Well, we made it to Day 50. Today’s band had to be special.

There comes a time in every kid’s life (well… the cool kids), when they realise how far their musical tastes have grown in regard to heaviness. My light bulb moment was Full of Hell. Three or four years ago Full of Hell would have been a bridge too far. Hell, ten years ago, anything without clean vocals was a big ask.

Over the years my tastes with metal and metal-adjacent genres have grown. Not just into heavier stuff, but in all directions really. It’s why this ‘A Band A Day’ blog is so fun for me – I can write passionately about so many different types of music, and I love it all. And, as I said, one of those elements of an expanding taste was becoming more accepting of heavier stuff.

But, if this journey into heavier music was a road to be followed, Full of Hell are a fucking cul-de-sac. Where does one even go from here? “Heaviness” is a kind of subjective term. Different things define it for different people – speed, tone, vocal style etc. But, for my money, Full of Hell have got to be on of the heaviest bands on the planet.

Full of Hell are, foremost, a grindcore band, but their sound incorporates sludge, death metal influence, and even involves experimental noise. The songs tend to be quite short, a hallmark of the genre, but they manage to squeeze a 6-minute song’s worth of screams, blast beats, and noise into a 2 minute onslaught.

I would normally spend this portion of the post explaining why this particular band appeals to me and is worth your time. But here’s the thing – when it comes to Full of Hell, I have no fucking clue. One day I put on their new release, ‘Weeping Choir’, expecting it to be too full on – I ended up listening to it on repeat for nearly three hours before switching to their previous album, ‘Trumpeting Ecstasy‘, with similar results.

Something has just clicked for me and I just fucking love this band now. They just scratch an itch for me that I didn’t know I had. It’s that adrenaline pumping, neck hair bristling, stank-face inducing HEAVY that I guess I don’t get from most music these days. It’s like I’ve been desensitised to heavy music and am having to chase the high from an increasingly heavy parade of bands. Shit… is this what a drug addict feels like?

So, how do I recommend Full of Hell to you, dear reader? I’m not sure I can. If you’re ready for it (and that’s the thing, you’ll never know if/when you are ready), it’ll click with you, you’ll have your lightbulb moment, and it will be an incredibly rewarding experience. Because Full of Hell are one of the best fucking bands on earth right now.