If I didn’t have a Finnish partner which led to travelling to Finland and having the chance to check out some less widely known Finnish bands, I may still not know Bloodred Hourglass. I’m incredibly thankful that is not the case. BRHG are a melodic death metal band with a sound that is just fantastic. The songs are hook-filled, thrashy, and catchier than the Covid.

I was lucky to see BRHG as one of the opening acts when I saw Children of Bodom in Tampere just over a year ago. I didn’t know too much about them but, in anticipation of the gig, had checked them out on Spotify and liked what I heard. But I was not ready for what ensued when they took the stage – the crowd exploded, and they commanded the venue like seasoned veterans that would be at home on an arena stage or headlining a festival. It was a sensational set and cemented them in my list of always-see bands whenever the opportunity comes up.

Because I saw BRHG in Finland, with a crowd of Finnish fans, I’ll forever connect them to that trip, and to that country. This makes this band even more significant to me. I am not sure if they’ll ever come all the way to Australia, but I can only hope, as I have plenty of people here who I’d love to see for themselves the amazing performance I saw that night in Finland.

As they’re not well known in Australia, to introduce Bloodred Hourglass to someone feels like pulling back a curtain and revealing something wonderful. Like letting them in on a secret. But if BRHG are a secret, it’s a secret I have not kept very well – I’m telling fucking everybody.