In less than a decade, with only two full lengths and a handful of EPs and splits under their belt, Gatecreeper have become one of the most critically celebrated and talked about bands in the modern death metal scene.

This is nasty, messy, yet brilliantly composed and performed death metal. The riffs are menacing, and the vocals are monstrous. But this is not an in-your-face, light speed assault of noise. This is considered, calculated, and constant. This is not a sudden explosion, itโ€™s a steamroller crushing you at a comfortable walking pace.

The groove in this music is undeniable, and the quality is exceptionally consistent. Spending some time with their 2019 LP ‘Deserted’, or their recent EP, clearly establishes why this is a band grabbing the attention of fans and critics alike.

There is a current movement in metal, with younger bands taking clear inspiration from the old guard and producing some truly incredible contemporary death metal. Gatekeeper are unquestionably at the forefront of this movement, and deservedly so.