Thy Catafalque is the project of Hungarian-born, Scottish based avant-garde multi instrumentalist Tamรกs Kรกtai.

Kรกtai is a prolific and fascinating composer who here creates remarkable a strange combination of post metal, experimental prog and rock, and even touches of black metal, though the result doesnโ€™t sound exactly like any of these genres and rather a unique, exciting, and adventurous new thing.

There are Hungarian folk influences, spacey retrofuturistic synths, and even some 70s sounding prog rock riffs at times. This is an absolute melting pot of genres that can go from trippy and wild to dramatic and pounding in moments.

A lot of bands that excite me do things differently with genres, and combine things into a singular, unified sound. In a way, Thy Catafalque is the opposite – it is erratic by design – in other ways it does the genre-blending thing in a more incredible fashion than anyone else, and is a must-listen for anyone excited by the rule breakers and envelope pushers in metal.