Anna von Hausswolff’s music was once described by The Guardian as ‘funeral pop’ and that kind of nails it. Well, it nails one half of her sound. Anna’s music is primarily a pipe organ-powered gothic pop journey to uncanny and dissonant worlds. Evocative vocals drive the music forward. It’s bleak, but stunning, and pop music the likes of which you’ve never heard.

With her latest album, ‘All Thoughts Fly’, all the compositions are stripped bare. This project is performed entirely on a baroque-era replica organ in a church in Gothenburg, without even vocals. The results are both unsettling and uplifting. Beautiful, melancholy melodies ring throughout, and the outcome feels, startlingly, like a drone metal album without… well… the metal.

It’s in this moment, submerged within this implausible auditory experience, you find yourself questioning what constitutes ‘heavy’ music, and you realise much of the instrumentation you’ve felt is a pillar of this can be circumvented completely if the intent is there. Anything can be heavy when that’s the aim.

Anna von Hausswolff is simultaneously an alternate reality Kate Bush and something else entirely. This is music that will make you question the very notion of ‘heavy’ music and leave you with a newfound appreciation of the quieter moments amongst the bedlam.