Ghoatte Hordour is the one-man black metal side project of The Smith Street band guitarist, Lee Hartney and while he has seen great success with TSSB, second-wave black metal clearly runs in his DNA. This is the artistic output of someone who holds the likes of Emperor, Darkthrone, and Mayhem in high esteem.

To date, Ghoatte Hordour has only produced two Eps (approx. 45 minutesโ€™ worth), but the but the quality is so extremely high and constant that the project could already be considered some of the best black metal Australia has produced.

Razor sharp riffs burn through fiery blast beats and pained, demonic vocals while haunting keys strengthen the songs with the occasional ominous melody. Such is the strength and second wave feel of these songs, that theyโ€™d have fit perfectly in Oslo, circa 1995, and that is the highest praise I could give in this subgenre.

While Australia might not seem the most conducive setting for crafting frosty black metal riffs, Ghoatte Hordour has done so effortlessly. This is some of the purest, most hellish black metal being composed today, and somehow, itโ€™s coming from the wide brown land of Oz.