Öxxö Xööx is the project of Laurent Lunoir, who is best known as a vocalist in another band we will talk about tomorrow.

Here Lunoir enlists Gautier Serre and Laure Le Prunenec to help enact his own outlandish vision.

Öxxö Xööx’s lyrics are a mixture of English and an entirely made up language. The name of the band is in this fictional language, and he said to mean either ‘Make Love, Not War’ or simply ‘69’.

While Öxxö Xööx could be described as gothic doom metal, like all the other related bands I’ve written about lately, these genres are deconstructed, rebuilt anew, as something more unique and avant-garde.

Riffs chug along to hypnotic drums and Lunoir and Le Prunenec exchange vocal deliveries, as countless sonic elements offer an unsettling texture. The compositions fall into an almost traditional structure at times, making for strangely catchy and even headbang-inducing hooks, all the while offering an onslaught of bizarre instrumental flourishes.

The result of a singular creative voice with the help of similarly talented friends, Öxxö Xööx is a wonderfully creative corruption of doom-adjacent extreme music, with multiple genre influences, fascinatingly complex instrumentals, and another world-shattering vocal performance from Laure Le Prunenec.