Easily the most extreme band in this short series, Whourkr sound like the result of AI trying to replicate grindcore with nothing more than a handful of car crash audio samples.

Whourkr are a collaboration between French producer/multi-instrumentalist/madman Gautier Serre and metal vocalist Vincent Goubeau. Here, Serre uses his characteristic genre-transcending, chaotic composition techniques to essentially deconstruct grindcore and extreme metal and build them back up to something even more challenging.

Coupled with Goubeau’s demonic glitch-riddled screeching vocals, the result at times sounds like an even more sonically hostile Mike Patton project.

It’s grindcore-meets-early-Fantomas, strengthened by the distinct production of Gautier Serre who adds an even more agitated atmosphere. Like a digital reconstruction of extreme metal through the lens of experimental noise, Whourkr really are in a prestigious league of one.