Corpo-Mente is a collaboration between Laure Le Prunenec and French multi-instrumentalist/producer/madman Gautier Serre (who we will be talking about more in the next few days).

Here Serre’s compositions take a more natural approach than other projects he is perhaps more known for. The arrangements feel tangible, like something conceivable by humans – which is, again, somewhat different than Serre’s more popular endeavours. The beats rattle through buzzing, bassy melodies, as tender string plucks pepper the lull in momentum, before everything heaves back into bouncing, hypnotic motion.

Laure Le Prunenec’s vocal delivery here is more evocative than ever, though this time she seems to lean more into operatic delivery, with the melting pot of musical genres moving around her as she carries the composition like some transcendent diva.

Corpe-Mente is perhaps more mellow than some related bands but labelling them as such is disingenuous. This is a dynamic, glorious, curious venture into a trap-infused, stunningly peculiar, rock opera of otherworldly impact.