Ele Ypsis is a collaboration between Laure Le Prunenec (Rïcïnn) and Belgian composer and Producer Stelian Derenne.

Here, again, Laure Le Prunenec’s voice captivates and mesmerizes, as it weaves throughout more delicate instrumentation than heard via Rïcïnn, where gentle piano melodies are carried over pulsing electronic beats and textured with multi-layered instrumentation.

While a different beast than Rïcïnn, the experimental and frenetic nature found there is also on display here, if perhaps presented from a different angle. It is a brighter, often gentler sound, that still manages to innovate and delight all the same.

With Ele Ypsis, Laure Le Prunence and Stelian Derenne have fused neoclassical delights with gentle electronics to create an electrifying, innovative sound that, unsurprisingly, is further bolstered by spectacular vocals.