031: THOU

Letโ€™s get this out of the way up front: Thou are a heavy fucking band. Thou are one of the heaviest fucking bands I have ever heard. In fact, Thou are such a heavy fucking band that you may find yourself with your ears blown off if youโ€™re foolish with your headphones.

Thou are a (primarily) sludge metal band from Louisiana that blend doom and post metal elements and at times could even be labelled blackened sludge. The result is an intense, forceful, small-town-levelling sound that most bands could only dream of achieving.

Through four studio albums, they have firmly established themselves as an intimidating force and gained enormous respect and admiration from fellow musicians.

This admiration has extended to numerous collaborative live performances with artists from different styles – demonstrating a malleability and willingness to adapt to other genres while still managing to inject their now trademark sound. This collaborative nature has also grown into some magnificent studio recordings (more on that tomorrow…).

Further on their adaptability as a band, Thou have released entire albums of covers (such as Nirvana and Black Sabbath), managing to imbue each song with their own sound while also paying respect to the source material.

Thou are one of the most prolific and adaptive extreme metal bands working today. A (thus far) incredible career consisting of powerful original material, masterful covers, and an exceptional talent for collaboration makes them one of the most exciting metal bands Iโ€™ve ever heard.