Power metal is often defined by high pitched vocals and fantastical themes of wizards and dragons. Sabaton is none of these things.

Sabaton have successfully made a name for themselves producing a mix of power and traditional metal that is thematically driven by world conflicts and historic acts of heroism. The Red Baron, the Bismarck, the Fields of Verdun, and both World Wars in general have frequently served as concepts for the band.

Perhaps most impressive is the sincerity and care with which they approach these topics. This is not overly dramatised, fictionalised versions or loose retellings. This is factually accurate takes on events, as told via powerful, and admittedly catchy metal songs.

And that’s the other half of the recommendation – while the educational side of these songs is handled with respect and a genuine fascination, the music still needs to stand on its own, and it unquestionably does. The first word that comes to mind when wanting to describe Sabaton’s sound is triumphant. These are bold, grand, headbangers with fantastic hooks, bouncy melodies, and even the odd solo to cut through the pomp.

Sabaton are on a mission to teach the disinterested about our combined history and its heroes and do so with great success with the backing of incredible music, earnestness, and a respect for the subject. What could seem exploitative feels genuine and well-intended in the hands of Sabaton.