For Australia Day, it seemed fitting that I should talk about an Australian band, and while there are a few worth your time, one I’m most excited about is Pridelands.

Confession: Pridelands came up in the same area that I grew up (a dull, wasteland/butthole of a place) and I know them. They are good dudes. But don’t let that affect your perception of my praise of this band. If I didn’t think they were worth your time, I wouldn’t be wasting my time.

On paper, Pridelands are a metalcore band. It makes sense. They are of an age and came up in a scene where that’s the done thing – the key is to do it in such a way that you stand out. And fuck me, Pridelands stand out.

Their sound is so much more mature and intricate than most metalcore, to the point where I’d sometimes suggest they had more in common with Deftones than [insert random generic metalcore band here]. These songs are more complex in structure and themes, and have some of best clean vocals you’ll find in metalcore (though, again, that label is not really accurate anyway).

Pridelands are a band on the cusp of greatness, though in my opinion the music they are making now is already at that level. A developed, multifaceted, captivating, and genre-bending sound that sets them apart from pretty much any of their peers and, without question, places them squarely on a trajectory to fame, fortune, cocaine and bikini parties.

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I sincerely believe their song Machina is one of the best songs to come out of Australia in the last decade.