Naas Alcameth is one of the most prolific artists in black metal today, with no less than five distinctive projects through which he unleashes his artistic output. They all work from a similar atmospheric core, but work with different themes and contexts. Alcameth’s most important project surely must be Akhlys, with their somewhat unique focus on the realms of sleep and dreams, nightmare and parasomnia.

Their latest album, Melinoรซ (named after the ancient Greek goddess, daughter of Persephone, and wanderer of the night), further explores these concepts. The album is an absolute monster – 50 minutes of magnificent, deep, black metal back by lush dark ambient soundscapes. Also, the beauty of lyrics on this album just cannot be understated.

The album is brought to life with complex and ancient sounding lyrics that feel as though they were torn from some ancient tome of occult hymns.

“To join in dread
And Eros forlorn
Wed I with Other
From dusk ’til morn”

Akhlys create some of the most atmospheric, lushly produced, black metal ever heard. These are sweeping (literal) dreamscapes of simultaneously nightmarish and transcendent horrors, that explore esoteric concepts rarely touched upon in such an extreme subgenre, and must be experienced before a remote understanding can even be attempted.