While Snot’s story was a short one, its second act deserves a post of its own.

When Lynn died, their second album originally had to be shelved. While a substantial amount had been completed, but no vocals had been recorded. Over the next two years, wanting to finish what they had started, the surviving members of Snot began reaching out to Lynn’s peers and friends to help.

Snot were able to pull together a who’s who of nu metal – Jonathan Davis, Dez Fafara, Max Cavalera, Fred Durst, and Serj Tankian to name a few – who added their own lyrics and vocals to the unfinished tracks, singing about their departed friend.

The songs are incredible. Lynn’s friends put everything into their performances and lyrics, and the music itself serves as a reminder of how much this band still had left to say.

Sevendust also contributed the song “Angel’s Son”, their loving tribute to Lynn and his mother. The music video for the track features many of the people involved in the album, as well as many more of Lynn’s family and friends, gathering to celebrate and remember.

What results, like the album itself, is a monument to a genre I will forever hold dear, and a heartfelt and beautiful memorial to perhaps the first musical figure whose death really affected me.

Rest In Peace, Lynn.

“One last song, given to an angel’s son…”