019: SNOT

I was a nu-metal kid, through and through. And not just in the sense that the likes of Korn, Coal Chamber, and the Family Values Tour were my gateway into heavy metal (though, like many my age, this was absolutely the case).

I was deep into the nu metal scene, from it’s earliest incarnations in the shadow of RATM through to its Woodstock 99 death knell. But I especially adored that early scene. I fucked with Human Waste Project, Tura Satana, and (hed) P.E. And of course, Snot.

Snot took the early nu metal sound, and incorporated influences from funk metal and hardcore punk. Given the infancy of the genre, Snot could be considered one of the first bands to experiment within the nu metal sound.

Amassing a cult following in the scene, one which included many of peers-turned-fans, Snot seemed on track for rock stardom. Their debut album ‘Get Some’ was being well received and they’d earned a slot on Ozzfest.

But that wasn’t to be.

Frontman Lynn Strait and his beloved dog Donna were killed in a car accident in a December 1998, less than two years after “Get Some” was released.

The band had been deep into writing and recording their sophomore album at the time, but immediately disbanded.

Snot were on a clear trajectory toward being “the next big thing”, and likely would have seen near Korn-level fame at the turn of the millennium, if not for a tragic accident that ended their story far too early.

We will only ever be able to imagine what was next, and never get to hear that follow-up album… unless