Unrelenting and abrasive vocals, chainsaw-sounding riffs, and a whole nasty mess of lyrical themes and audio samples from the 80s most shocking slashers and other horrors – thatโ€™s Make Them Die Slowly, and itโ€™s exactly as evil as it sounds.

MTDS are the side project of Mick Kenney, primary songwriter and guitarist of the mighty Anaal Nathrakh, and the bones to both bands are quite similar. Itโ€™s that same thunderous riffs and machine guns that Anaal Nathrakh are known for, but beyond that there are some interesting differences.

Throughout the compositions, Make Them Die Slowly utilise pianos and synths, which are incredibly effective at injecting melodies into the music, often melodies that fit well with the cheesy horror theme.

Anaal Nathrakh often rely on clean passages as a way of introducing some melody into their songs, but MTDS use the synths and piano to achieve similar results. Because of this, youโ€™ll find none of the sweeping clean vocals here that you get with Anaal Nathrakh. With MTDS, the vocals are *never* clean, and are just absolutely fucking relentless.

MTDS have also proven to be quite prolific for such a new band, releasing their debut album in May 2020, and a second full length for Halloween the same year. They also managed to release a standalone single for Christmas the same year.

Make Them Die Slowly are a brutal mix of black, death, and grind, whose songs are carried by beautiful yet terrifying synths and a brilliantly realised 80s horror visual and aural aesthetic.